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re: Git file renaming issues (deleting/adding instead of renaming) VIEW POST

re: In the initial post, there is a link to the PR. It's already merged now. We did it in two steps if you look at the commit history. I'm still not su...

Hey I tinkered a little example:

GitHub only shows the rename properly if you review the specific commit. ( In the feature/rename )

But the important thing in git to follow the history of a file is the log command:
git log --oneline --follow -- new-name.txt

If you clone the repository and try this command out once in feature/rename and feature feature/delete-add you see that in the branch where the rename is lost only the last commit represents the history of the file.

I hope this explanation is detailed enough.

P.s.: You can use rebase -i to split up the commits if it is not in recent history. But keep in mind that this is a rewrite history and you can produce even more complex issue. I recommend to apply such a thing only in feature branches where so one else did build on the changed history.

If anyone is interested how the rebase approach works, I can make something up and document it as a little blog post.

P.s. (2): GitHub uses a heuristic to determine, if a file is just renamed or delted+new. I try to have a single commit to rename the files to keep the history.

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