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Starting in the Middle

mich_cook profile image mich ・2 min read

I'm in the middle of building a fun little c64 disk catalog app for myself. The part which currently has my attention is handling the disk uploads. I have a react front end that's uploading the images to my google cloud storage bucket. I want to validate the disk image and get the listing of files for the disk. That's the start of today's adventure.

There's already software called c1541 that's bundled with the vice emulator AND it's already available for ubuntu. Yay! However, this means that I'm doing a google run instead of a google function. Functions can trigger themselves on a file upload, but run needs to pipe through pubsub. Bummer! Well, kind of. I get to play with more toys so that's fun. It's probably faster to do the port later and get this done now.

In my ubuntu 20 VM (host still running 18 until I get the backup and other prep done), I run through the install steps and have somehow popped over my 10GB fixed disk size! No clue if the apt install of the SDK worked, but I'm assuming that it didn't.

I found a quick tutorial for solving a disk that's too small. One thing that should be more clear is that the VM needs to be turned off completely before the storage can be changed. It can't just be in a saved state. This makes sense when you look at the whole process, but if you're just stepping through then you might run into this problem. The other thing that's obvious after a second, but can cause a stumble is to make sure you resize the extended partition that holds your partition so that you can resize your partition larger.

After fixing the partition and finishing the gcloud SDK install (on this newish ub20 install, I had to sudo apt install curl), I appear to be up and running with gsutil. Let's get this bucket wired.

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