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I have a separate urls.py for each app! You can then use include to add all the urls.py of an app with a prefix (e.g. from an application i am working on now, 'chat/' is the prefix for the chat app)

The way to think of Django projects vs apps, is that apps are intended to be "full vertical slices" of a web application, so routing, views, models, templates, static files, and so on. It's sometimes hard to dis-entangle everything, but if you can do as much as you can, larger applications are far more manageable.


Ok, it messes me up when you go in between 2 files with basically the same name. The tutorial, he copied and pasted only part of a path type file or it was for urls and it messed me up. I got down the command to make a add tho


The extra files should go in separate directories



for a single app called "chat". does that make sense?

That said, all this really only matters if you have an aplpication / team large enough where this sort of code cleanliness is important. If you are just by yourself and just learning then you don't have to bother

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