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Discussion on: What do you think about double publication?

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Michael Burrows • Edited supports canonical URLs so you can share content without impacting SEO.

For example if you view this post of mine here.

Notice at the top of the article is says "Originally published at " and if you view the page source you'll see the canonical URL points to the URL of the article on my website.

When creating a new post you just need to input the canonical URL.

This tells Google who should be credited as the original source of the article.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Actually, I am trying to do the opposite, migrating from to my blog.

I can find "Post options", but the wanted "Originally published at" does not appear.

This is another one, and I did originally publish in my blog, but forgot to put in a canonical URL.

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Michael Burrows • Edited

Yeh, it doesn't seem to display "Originally published at" for older posts.

However if you view the source code of your article you can see the canonical URL is pointing to your website.

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Sorry for late post, when wanting to post a canonical link post , do you still need to copy and paste the article content as a post on DevTo from your blog.

But just make sure you add the canonical link ?

If you originally posted on DevTo, and then want to put these blogs on your personal newly created site. How would you do that, simply link to Dev To or copy and paste the article onto your blog making sure have a canonical link tag to DevTo ?

Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to understand the process. I want to create my own blog / portfolio site. However reach more audience through my following in DevTo too.