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re: Next phase of separation of job titles in web development VIEW POST


I'm a compute engineer, doing frontend development for about 2 years now. I started working in AngularJS, without knowing anything about HTML, CSS, and JS. (C'est la vie). Before that, I was just doing some desktop applications using Java SE and that kind of things. After that, I introduce myself as an Single Page Application Developer, I knew a few things about React, and have worked a lot with AngularJS and Angular. The pattern is the same at the end.

Recently I pushed myself further into a real Front-end certification. I know there is a position for people that know how to style a web, and there is a position for people that know what to do to make that web works, but if you look, for example, for the Mobile Web Specialist, you will notice that you have to know both to get the certification. Of curse, it is mostly about code, but structure and style are as important as any feature of JS.

Make no mistake, you can do only HTML and CSS with Photoshop, and you also can do only JS, with little to none advance CSS. But to be a real Front End Engineer you should know how to do both.

Of curse, this is my opinion, but most of the jobs I applied to are somewhat expecting this.

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