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Discussion on: How to Manage Programmers Without Losing Your Damn Mind

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Michael Rice

Hey Kamal, yeah there's a LOT of information about management out there, and Blaine's got a great addition (nice job Blaine)!

A lot of the management advice out there doesn't apply very well to technical fields or those where we really need people to be highly creative problem solvers. So for me, I think there are four core behaviors to focus on day to day for tech leads or hands on EMs. Do these, and then most of the rest (like the stuff Blaine took a lot of time to document) will snap into place:

(1) get very, very good at listening to the team,

(2) have a strong bias for action (e.g., step into as many leadership moments as possible),

(3) get effective at crafting clear and compelling visions, and articulating them over and over -- even for the most mundane things

(4) get very effective at tracking what the team is doing and be quick to have adjustment conversations

Happy to share more!