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Discussion on: How do you cross-post articles from your blog to DEV?

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

I'm interested if anybody looking at this thread is using the Publishing from RSS feature to import their posts from a blog elsewhere?

When I think of answering the question How do you cross-post articles from your blog to DEV?, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. 🙂

The second thing that DEV also offers is the ability for authors to specify a canonical URL in their posts which helps Google (and other search engines) understand where an article came from first. This is good for your SEO if you're looking to grow traffic on your own private blog.

NOTE: If you use the Publishing from RSS feature mentioned above, the canonical URL, should be automatically added to your post.

And let's see... are there any other cool reposting tips I can give ya?

One thing that DEV ask folks not to do is to post short "lead in" articles with a sentence or two that then say "Read more here..." and link to a page elsewhere. There's not hard stance against these posts, but they'll not be heavily promoted and the community generally seems to be put off by posts that tease content elsewhere.

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Franco Scarpa Author

I’ll definitely have a look at it, thanks!

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Ruan Martinelli

And if anyone is curious how to add the Canonical URL here, just add canonical_url: <link_to_original_post> to the header (same place where you have the title) of your Markdown. :-)

You will know that it worked if you see this under the title of your post:


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Yaroslav Shmarov

confirmed, works! example

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Awesome addition, thanks for that added clarity, Ruan!

And another note on that... if you're using the Rich + Markdown editor version (which you can select from here), then the UX for inputting a Canonical URL is just slightly different. Just click the little gear icon at the bottom of the page beside Publish/Save Draft and you'll find the place to input your canonical.