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Entrepreneurs meet Advisors: A Proposal

Entrepreneurs with underrepresented identities are much less likely to have access to the capital, resources and, network to grow their businesses. On the other side are seasoned professionals who know how to grow businesses. Sometimes these two find each other through a mentorship program or a networking event, but it’s rare.

Every day I talk to engineers, data scientists and product managers that have never heard of advisory stock or realize how much priceless knowledge they have. I would like to fix that. I would like to create mutually beneficial partnerships where both the advisor and the entrepreneur are invested in the business. It is up to them how much time/stock they want to trade.

This is an alternative to an advisor creating free content or mentoring, or an entrepreneur needing the funding to pay for skills upfront. Advisors can also use this as a way to build their skills and resume for senior advancement into the C suite and boards.

If you are interested in either role, I am starting with a simple form to gauge interest. If I see a match, I’ll send an email to both parties and you’ll take it from there.

I want to be an advisor!

I want advice!

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