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Really like your point to think about the next developer. Please make sure code can be read in the future, or in other words be maintained by you or others. In order to nail the question how to measure the maintainability of code we share & validate 10 simple guidelines via bettercodehub.com a GitHub integration that is free for open source. We see that these guidelines are easy to learn but difficult to adhere to during sprints. Also any guidelines should not be enforced blindly (resulting in a violation flood), they should be applied to the complete code base and against a large benchmark. Measuring in that way introduces tolerance and provides a Definition of Done. So the developer can think about himself too!



Michiel, I think the link is broken. Would be interested to see the guidelines.


Bob, thanks for finding that broken link. The 10 guidelines are in this O'Reilly book Building Maintainable Software and also implemented in BetterCodeHub.com It runs for free with you GitHub handle.

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