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Get out of that company quickly! What a toxic environment.

I'm in an architect position where i do lots of hiring for a giant corporation and we always pair up junior devs with mentors. We give them a year to develop/train/learn everything they possibly can/want. And after that year is when we do an assessment of how good they are. That goes paired with weekly meetings with architects/managers/leads and senior devs in the company.

I always tell the juniors if ever anyone in this company puts anything in the way of you developing your growth progression or ever down talking you to let me know we will take care of that.

If a company isn't vested in their juniors you need to get out of there, there is nothing more excited to train someone and pass on all the knowledge you have as a senior.

I'll say it one more time.

Get out!!


Awesome! Sounds like a place I'd like to work at 🤜🤛

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