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What is the Microsoft 365 PnP Community?

luisefreese_19 profile image Luise Freese ・3 min read

We wanted to create a virtual home for everyone who wants to extend Microsoft 365 beyond the standard and launched Microsoft 365 PnP Community on TechCommunity. Our goals are sharing knowledge, learning from each other and achieving more together.

This hub is a part of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices community and complements the existing initiatives under the PnP umbrella, such as open-source projects and Community Docs, where we explain how the different features of Microsoft 365 work and offer guidance on how to use them.


Our mission is to create a single inclusive and welcoming place for everyone who wants to build on Microsoft 365.


  • Drop labels and live our Sharing is Caring approach

We want to provide guidance, knowledge, and reusable patterns and practices for everyone who wants to build on top of Microsoft 365, regardless of their profession, role, technical background, approach, or skill level. We will not distinguish between developers and citizen developers or spend much energy putting people into boxes.

  • One Community

Sharing ideas across products using no code, low-code, and coded solutions in one single place will bring our communities closer together. Having one community as a virtual home for everyone who wants to extend Microsoft 365 will break down information silos and broaden everyone’s horizon, which will lead to better outcomes and more connected solutions.

  • Lower entry barriers

We want to let our community grow and get new people involved, so we want to also cater to people who are not in that community right now and lower entry barriers. Helping everyone getting started rather than gatekeeping is one of our primary goals.

  • Being inclusive

Learning that there is no pecking order of power users, makers, and developers but that we will be most successful when we focus on a better together approach will make a huge difference. Appreciating people from all backgrounds and with different expertise will ensure inclusiveness and improve our ability to step outside of our comfort zones and respect diverse perspectives.

What can you expect in this community?

We learned that people build solutions that span multiple Microsoft products with varying degrees of complexity, and we shouldn’t compartmentalize communities. We like to bring people together by guiding and sharing knowledge and listening to understand people’s needs. Please expect blog posts, videos, and open discussion on all kinds of topics around building on Microsoft 365. We are here to help.

How can you get involved?

This community doesn’t have any entry barriers; it’s made for everyone who extends Microsoft 365, including no-code, low-code, or coded solutions.

  • Join us for our [community calls)( Let us know what you'd like to know more about, please don't be shy, all feedback is welcome.
  • If you create (blog, vlog, code on GitHub) let us know where so that we can share it with others
  • If you'd like to show your work, let us know and we'll get you a slot on the community call

Meanwhile, explore what we have to offer at at Microsoft 365 PnP Community

SharingIsCaring ❤

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