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Discussion on: I'm a senior developer and I regularly google "html image tag"

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Jasper Stephenson

I think I'm 90% of the traffic to that CSSTricks complete guide to Flexbox article.

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Arber Braja

Long live CSS tricks flexbox article :p

Way more easy then to read the specs and most of the articles out there regarding flex.

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justify-items, justify-content and the same for align... Those alone get me to open the flexbox/grid articles countless times. Also lots of trial every time.

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Mark Harless

It’s such a beautiful site.

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Vom Com

Then I'm the other 10%. Align-self, align-content, align-items, and then none of those do anything because the divs aren't properly display: flex, display: inline-flex, display: flexbox, display:row, flex-flow: .... / this is better than floating divs, I'm told. /

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Paul Truong

Best article on the Internet