Discussion on: Git - Command line vs GUIs

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I think newbies should use a GUI instead of a command line. A GUI is much more discoverable, and the command line just encourages XKCD 1597 style uses.

Let's say A and B are new to git, and discovered they had one change that should have been on their last commit. Now, seasoned git users would be saying that git commit --amend is the obvious answer, and they're right. However, A and B just recently switched from Subversion, so they don't know that Git has an amend function.

A is using the command line, so they just make another commit using the same git add . && git commit && git push spell they've been reciting. Why would they read the docs when they think they know the solution already?

B is using a GUI, and notices that on the commit dialog there's a checkbox that says "amend last commit". The feature is right there discoverable and not hidden among the infinite possibilities of flags.

Now I do argue that a better shell can change a lot of this. Perhaps when you start typing git commit, it pops up a list of available, or at least commonly used, flags, akin to an IDE.