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Accessing WSL2 Files from Windows’ File Explorer

Windows Subsistem for Linux (WSL) is one of the best Windows 10’s feature that made me feel comfort using this operating system. With WSL we can using Linux’s commands inside Windows with great interoperability. Especially in WSL2.

Before using WSL2, I always using dual boot — Ubuntu for web development and Windows for graphic design, and then with WSL I only need to install Windows as a main operating system, and for Ubuntu I install it on WSL2.

File Management

Actually, file management can be done easily via terminal or code editor. But sometimes there’s a chance where we need to access files and folders using Windows’ File Explorer.

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Type \\wsl$ on address bar
  3. Press Enter

After we pressed enter, we can see the list of linux distros that we installed on WSL2. We can open each distro with double click to access its files and folders.

Managing Ubuntu’s files and folder via Windows’ File Explorer

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