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New Universal Icon Picker Javascript plugin on Github

Universal Icon Picker Vanilla JS plugin

This plugin can load any icon library and comes with many popular ones like Fontawesome, Material icons, Bootstrap icons, Iconic, Tabler icons and many others.

Javascript icon picker plugin screenshot

Online demo:

Github repo:

Main features

  • Load any icon library from a single JSON file
  • Load the icon fonts stylesheets from local files or CDNs
  • Autoload the icon fonts (JSON + stylesheets) or load them only on request
  • Add as many icon libraries as you like to each instance of the plugin
  • Create multiple instances and triggers on the same page
  • Change the icon libraries attached to an instance whenever you want
  • Group icons of the same family by categories
  • Load one or more styles from the same icon family individually
  • Search / Filter icons
  • Built-in onSelect() and onReset() callback functions
  • Attach the Icon Picker to any HTML element
  • Add your favourite icon libraries very easily

Comments & suggestions are always welcome

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