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Discussion on: Git Workflow: Should the history of commits show the real time of your work?

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Mike Healy

I would never force, or hold off on a commit in order to make the timestamps appear more accurate. I'd only commit in a way that makes sense in terms of 'save points' and logically grouped units of work.

If the commit timing happens to be an accurate reflection, then great, but I wouldn't let that lead my thinking.

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dAVE Inden Author

I agree. I have felt the pain of having to track my time at work down to the minute to show productivity and it always left me feeling like I wasn't doing my best as I had the tracking process in the back of my mind keeping me from concentrating fully. It is really tough when we need to track how much we are working, but that becomes work in itself.
Git doesn't seem like the place or tool to be doing any measuring on how much work is getting done. Thanks!

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I like this comment, it's how I do it, too. Unfortunately github does not represent my logical reordering of commits in its PR view.