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Discussion on: Five Reasons to Learn CF in 2019

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Michael Born Author • Edited

Popularity is not the goal:

  1. I personally think popularity is a largely useless metric as a determining factor for useful languages.
  2. The TIOBE index appears to be a purely search-engine-driven ranking - since there are less Google results for +"Coldfusion programming", it is deemed unpopular. I'm really not sure how useful this is - if you google +"ABC Programming" you get articles about the tv network, which is a pretty stupid reason to rank the language higher than any other.
  3. Older languages seem to dominate that list of 50 languages you posted. I'm guessing this is because languages from the sixties, seventies and eighties have a significant amount of historical value.
  4. Coldfusion is a Java-based language, as well as Groovy, Clojure, Kotlin, Scala, etc. Thus, #1 Java on the list is probably benefiting from Coldfusion-specific articles which mention "Java programming" in passing.
  5. A lot of CF projects are likely classified, as it is highly used in government (at least US) applications. Thus, it's no surprise it is less talked about in other circles.