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re: I have been a CF dev since version 5 and it’s paid a lot of bills since then but, time to move on. I would never recommend CF for anyone due to th...

It's pretty obvious Adobe has done a lackluster job in determining a direction for their implementation, but decrying ACF as closed-source is a poor argument when Lucee is both open source and far better.

The SAFE stack looks pretty interesting. Fable looks kinda stupid in my opinion - if you want a JS app, write JS!

I'm not sure why I have to take a look at a million other options when CF works really well for me.


Referencing other projects as "kinda stupid" unfortunately, is the attitude I have encountered among the vast majority of CF devs I have worked with or met over the years and is the main thing that has me going down another path. If you think Fable is "kinda stupid" you also need to include Clojurescript, TypeScript, Elm, Dart, Flutter, Fabulous, Rust, etc.... Fable simply allows F# devs to maintain their style of functional programming and quite frankly I am not at all wild with the direction of JS anyways. We are getting very close to having WebAssembly becoming a standard and you should ask yourself where is Lucee or Adobe providing this ability to use CF, and then look at what is going on with .net Core, Go, Clojure, etc...

My apologies, I actually thought for a minute I was allowed to have an opinion.

You can write JS in Java as well through GraalVM, Nashorn, Rhino, or several other libraries but I still fail to see the point.

My apologies again @Robb. I didn't mean to get so sarcastic. If you think CF is falling behind, that's ok. I wouldn't mind a few constructive tips on how to improve the language or ecosystem, and we can stop badgering each other. :)

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