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Discussion on: Why I use a cloud-based development environment and how you can too

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Mike Nikles Author

Thanks for the feedback Guilherme. Frontend applications can be tested like you would on your localhost. Once you start the server, Gitpod shows you how to access the website. You can even make it public to share with others if you want their feedback while you're developing a feature.

Backend applications are the same. In my current project, it's 3 NodeJS apps in a monorepo that I start with a single npm run dev command at the project root. They run on different ports and can communicate with each other just like on localhost.

Lastly, I also use for end-to-end tests. That runs either headless or through a graphical interface.

Do you have specific worries about testing?

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Guilherme Turri

Sounds great, Mike. My concern is more related to it, how to run the environment as I am in the localhost.

I have a NodeJS API with MySQL and a React website.

And what about the database, is it running on a Docker image for your backend?

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Mike Nikles Author

Unfortunately, there's no Docker support at the moment the way you'd use it loally. It's a big feature I'm waiting for too.

However, your dev environment runs as a Docker container and you can customize the image that's used. So in my case, I install the DB as part of the environment and can access it on localhost. Docs: