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Discussion on: Coding Out of a Van in New Zealand

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Mike Schultz Author

Thanks Ben! I enjoyed staying in airbnbs in large cities where getting around was no issue, but I couldn't sit still in New Zealand! Where have you been in your two years?

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Ben Fox

Yep, I hear you, so many amazing things to see :)

I did 2 years where I did the first 6 months between Panama in a small town for a few weeks, a month in Cusco Peru, two months in Buenos Aires, and a month in Chile. Then I met my brother for a year in Melbourne Australia. Followed by six months, with a few weeks in Hong Kong, 2 months in Split Croatia, 2 months in Freiburg Germany, and a month in Scotland.

When my wife and I got married we did a year two, with 3 months in Nice France, 3 months in Split Croatia, 3 months in Nottingham England, and 3 months in Vienna Austria.

Great times :)