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Discussion on: 60fps Javascript while you stringify, parse, process, compress and filter 100Mbs of data

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Mike Talbot Author • Edited

You know I think it actually would yes with a modified form to only run for a particular period of time.

At the moment the polyfill does a requestAnimationFrame and then uses setTimeout to measure the amount of time remaining. On node I guess we'd just say "you are allowed 20ms" then skip to the next main loop.

I'll get to doing that.

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Terrific Mike! Imagine you can get node to scale to 500 thousand or more? Currently node scaling is pretty poor. On techempower raw node is only 176190 concurrent requests sec (128th place).
I'm also a js dev so if you need help let me know.

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Mike Talbot Author

And I'd be delighted to get any help anyone would like to give. I'm sure that there are some other very useful functions that could be added!