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The Power of Laser Focus | Podcast

What is HTML All The Things

HTML All The Things is a web development podcast and discord community which was started by Matt and Mike, developers based in Ontario, Canada.

The podcast speaks to web development topics as well as running a small business, self employment and time management. You can join them for both their successes and their struggles as they try to manage expanding their Web Development business without stretching themselves too thin.

What's This One About?

In this episode Matt and Mike discuss how laser focus can help drive you and your projects to the finish line quickly, but with the huge caveat that it's hard to figure out exactly what to laser focus on. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, that knew exactly what they were going to do for a career from high school onward, then the road to your passions and eventually the thing that you're going to laser focus on is a difficult one. While difficult, it is more than worth it as you'll be focusing on exactly what you want to be doing and not something that drives you crazy, or makes you bored on the daily.

Show Notes

2:10 - Introduction

3:10 - Laser focused people

6:36 - Education system failures

15:20 - The struggles of attaining laser focus

25:55 - Deciding what to be focused on

29:30 - Figuring out what sticks

36:25 - Laser focus and passion

Key Takeaways

  • Laser focus allows you to focus on one thing and nothing else, pushing forward on a single goal at full speed without distractions or splitting your time across different goals
  • All the options and opportunities in tech just make laser focusing more difficult and can make you stall out on your career, burning out before you even start
  • Doing nothing because of being overwhelmed is the worst thing you can do to yourself, finding something to laser focus on by trying many things to see what sticks
  • Finding your passion and using it to drive you laser focus can help keep you motivated

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