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Discussion on: how do you guys keep your productivity?

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Miles Watson • Edited on
  1. Pomodoro timer - work for 25 minutes, then a break for 5 minutes
  2. A todo list app - write down the tasks you want to get done that day BEFORE starting
  3. Take regular leisure breaks to keep your mind clear
  4. Try and remove distractions as much as possible during the working periods.
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Uvindu Harshana Author

Thank you for sharing. But How do you keep repeating it?

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Gautham Vijayan

For example,

Make a list of all the features you want to add to your app and complete it atleast one everyday and test it.

By doing this you will not loose motivation and will be keen to solve the next one.

This is what I do..

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Uvindu Harshana Author

hmm. nice idea. Thank you