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Hey Sarthak! I completely agree with all the points here.

Finding a community where you feel like you can give back can be really hard - it definitely was for me. When I first started off my programming career I tried taking part in communities like:

  • FreeCodeCamp
  • Reactiflux
  • Reddit r/webdev
  • Reddit r/javascript
  • Hackernoon

And so on....

But then one day last year, my current roommate told me about a Twitter account called The Practical Dev, and how they were planning to make a site as a community for developers. I immediately made an account after seeing the huge following on Twitter to see what the hype was about.

One thing I'd like to note is that none of the sites I mentioned before were as accepting as

This is the only online code community where I actually feel a strong desire to be an active member.

This is the only online code community that has led me to make MANY online and IRL friends.

This is the only online code community where I felt the desire to meet the founders in person.

This site is freakin' awesome.

Also one other thing, while I really appreciate you mentioning our podcast, I want to clarify that Dan and I are not part of the team.

We're just members of the community that liked it so much we decided to take time to make a podcast about it! We're some of those true fans in the army you were talking about ;)



We've got the true OG squad here. You da real MVP.


Oh, I didn't know that you guys are independent. But I still love what you guys are doing.

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