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*A TEXT EDITOR is by far the most used developer tool regardless what type of developer you are.A good text editor can help you to write better code with real-time code checking, syntax highlighting and automatic formatting..


Because Microsoft word is a rich text editors and are great for writing a paper,but the features that make them good at creating nicely formatted documents makes them unsuitable for writing the code. A document created with these editors has more than just text embedded in the file.

                   These files also contain some information to how to display the text on the screen and data on how to display graphics embedded into the document.

   On the other hand plain text editor like VS CODE and SUBLIME don't save any additional information.
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It is a specialized web development tools,highly customized and offer many features that will make our life easier.
Plugins,syntax highlighting,auto-closing of brackets and braces are a few benefits of using this code editor.There are many text editors to choose,bjut i suggest to start with VS CODE.
Let's know a little bit information about a VS CODE editor.

~VS CODE is a free code editor.It has outstanding add-on support and great cut integration. you can download the .deb file and install it from here
It works pretty much same on every operating system.

*Learn the basics of using this text editor by this link
kindly go through the link and watch this out.

                     THANK YOU AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.......
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