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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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mina • Edited

"windows 10 is not good for intel i3 5th gen. It's slow" most likely hardware problem. I own a tablet that is powered by atom x5 CPU (probably the bottom end of modern x86 CPUs) and it runs fine
"Updates takes a lot of data!" Well I'm not a mind reader but I can tell that you're someone who never ran the "apt-get update" command before..better get used to it because you'll need to run that before installing any app to avoid dependency and incompatibility problems.. in Windows u could just use Use metered connection.
"it is hard to get viruses on linux!" Because no one uses it at least not as many as Windows..when it becomes popular you'll see more and more destructive malwares because Linux allows apps to run in kernel mode which can cause disasters if used maliciously and can even result in damaged hardware.
"Linux need basic programming knowledge!" bro I've been a C# programmer since 3 years and I still struggle with Linux's terminal..using a CLI to do simple tasks such as installing an app is outdated and backwards in 2020

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Clash000 • Edited

You said that using a CLI for Installing apps is backwards and outdated but you should know that it is faster than using GUI . " And time is the most precious thing " . And on your point of havoc difficulty with using Linux terminal is totally your fault as I am a python and android programmer since 7 months and Linux from 2 months and I know almost 90% of Linux commands and I am dependent on the Linux terminal for almost half of the tasks and I am even 12 years old . And top of everything else it gives all of Linux for free and windows takes money windows runs for profit and Linux runs generously .

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You dont know 90% of linux commands. Ive been using it for 15 years and i dont know them either. Your age hs little to do with your tasks. Not all linux distros are free and win10 is 99% free, just for the record.
Nice to see very young people learbing programming and linux but dont be that cocky dude, i made my first program on basic 1.0 when i was 7 or 8 yo and I dont go around forums saying how good or bad i am.