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Intro to Microsoft Power Apps

In the upcoming weeks I will be assigned to create an application for work using Power Apps, so I thought why not jump in and start learning more about what Microsoft Power apps are. Here is what I’ve learned!

To summarize, Power Apps is used to build applications that act on data in a short time with little to no code. This can be an essential tool in a wide array of business scenarios. Power Apps is great to use with anything that involves manipulating/ using data, like a spreadsheet. What makes Power Apps so powerful is that once you build the application on the platform, it lives in the cloud and can be shared and run on almost any platform!

PowerApps provides a nice drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to add different controls, media, forms, and screens to construct on your app. Power Apps gives you the ability to connect to external data sources or store data directly inside the app. Once your app is created, all you have to do is publish then share it with your organization to be able to access it. PowerApps was designed to be used for internal business use, meaning in order to use it you have to be in the organization.

That wraps up this brief intro to PowerApps, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

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