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React/Redux Project

mindful_developer profile image Biagio J Mendolia ・1 min read

Where has the time gone? To think I’m writing the blog post for my last project is surreal to me! I decided to push my limits and step outside of my comfort zone for this project. I decided to build a typing game for my final project. For me, this seemed difficult because I’ve never built a game before, all previous labs/lessons have been a review app or something similar, never a game. At first I wasn’t confident in my abilities to create what I had in mind, but I did it and it is truly an amazing feeling knowing that I did!

The Typing Game is the name of the app, and it is just that, a typing game! To play the game, First select which difficulty you’d like to play on. Easy is 4 letter words, Medium is 5-6 letter words and Hard is 7 letter words. You have 5 seconds to type each word, and each word you type adds one point to your score. After the game is over you’re asked for a display name so your score can be displayed on the scoreboard. The scoreboard only displays the top 3 scores for each difficulty.

I really enjoyed creating the project and plan to add more onto it in the future. React and Redux are such a powerful combination. I’m excited to dive deeper into React now that I have a good grasp of the basics!

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