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What is Object Relational Mapping?

This week I decided to shed a glimmer of light on Object Relational Mapping. After having some work exposure with SQL queries, I wondered if there was another way to talk with databases besides SQL. After a little bit of googling, here's what I learned!

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) is a technique that lets you query and manipulate data from a database using an object-oriented programming language(OOP). Basically, it allows us to interact with our database using an OOP language instead of SQL. This is great because it gives us the flexibility of talking to our database in the language we are already programming in rather than writing SQL queries! ORMS can be helpful to those who aren’t proficient in writing SQL.

However, individuals who have the experience and knowledge of working with SQL might prefer to stick with it over an ORM. Just like everything in life there are pros and cons to each way depending on which route you choose. What would you rather use, SQL or an ORM?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this short write up!

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