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Why Software Engineering?

mindful_developer profile image Biagio J Mendolia ・2 min read

In December of 2019, I graduated Suffolk County Community College with an Associates in Business Administration and had commited to NYIT to obtain a masters degree in Computer Science. I was extremely excited to start my journey in the world of computers until I saw how much it would cost me and everything else I had to learn in order to obtain my degree. For me to obtain Master degree in C.S., I would end up with $60,000, before interest, in students loans. After realizing that I really didn’t want the burden of student loans to follow me for the rest of my life, so I started researching other career paths on the internet!

Websites and how the internet works in general has always interested me. I created a few shopify websites before and truly loved being able to design a website without coding because I was scarred of code. Personally, code was scary. I always thought that I wasn’t smart enough for it, it was an extremely long process to learn the skill. I never took the time to look into it until about a month before starting this bootcamp. I had found some Youtube videos about coding that mention coding bootcamps and how people were getting full time Software Engineering/Full-stack jobs in less than year without any prior knowledge of coding. This blew my mind!

I found my self doing countless hours of research about coding, bootcamps and what people had to say during the bootcamp and after the bootcamp. Everything seemed do able with hard work and a well devloped bootcamp. I eventually narrowed my bootcamp choices down to Lambda School, Kenzie Academy and Flatiron. Flatiron appealed the most to me because of how short it was compared to other bootcamps and how they are focused on changing your way of thinking to think like a problem solver which is what Software Engineers ultimately are!

I choose Software Engineering for mainy reasons. I wanted a skill that was going to age well with time and gives me the freedom to be creative on the internet. Web Dev would help me land a job that provides me job fulfillment, fair pay and the opportunity to be creative!

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