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Discussion on: Using a Bitbucket private repository in your projects

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AlessandroMinoccheri Author

That is the section (under pipelines) where you can generate your key to add into your library repository on bitbucket to give permission to get the library with composer

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Ok, I finally had the time>
I choose Pipelines > SHH keys
I then choose PHP (unclear what this option does, but wth)
Then I had to choose a yaml configuration (which was good, it said)
Then it generated and downloaded a lot of crap. (unclear what it was doing)

After that it was finished, I could click on pipelines > SSH keys again, showing me a page where I could generate keys, of use my own, or I could put in a know host. I clinked on use my own, then it wants a private key, which I find strange, because... it shoudl be private.

Stuck again.

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