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re: First Comes Love! Then Comes Marriage! Then Comes Coding...? VIEW POST


Thanks so much for this motivational piece Molly, it was very much needed! I'm looking for junior roles after a recent redundancy. Having started coding over a year ago, I thought maybe I could make a go of it but without any commercial experience it's been a difficult few months, so hope was starting to wane. Feeling re-inspired!


I'm so glad you found it inspiring, that means the world to me! Keep at it, I promise, it is SO WORTH IT once you find your place! And don't be afraid to apply to small companies. At least when you apply to them you are sending an email to a person rather than some processing system doing key word searches 😝


I might add getting involved locally like at coding camps or other events can really boost the job hunt. Letting people know you're looking for work at events or lending a hand has worked for me. 😁 Usually companies have someone already in mind when they post jobs online. Best of luck.

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