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Discussion on: Working with Elixir Releases and performing CI/CD in containers

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Thank You For the post.
Related with test phase.

"With Migrations and Task sorted and capable of working with containers the last piece of the CI/CD puzzle is how do you run your test".

Why would be the reason to run test against the release?

I think the tests should run in CI pipeline agains the project where in fact you have mix available, and then if everything goes right you make the release in the CD phase.

Do you see any advantages of run tests against the release ?

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Ahsan Nabi Dar Author • Edited on

The test run in CI phase and release is made for CD. The flow is for when you use your docker workflow to run test and create releases in such a case assumption is you don't have erlang , elixir or mix installed locally and you are able to do all from within your container build flow