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Keeping yourself motivated

Keeping myself motivated is one of the most difficult things, when I look at my surrounding and my friends how they’ve done well for themselves, and I’m here still struggling to find my first permanent job...I really don’t know what keeps me motivated, to learn, and to keep looking for the job I want.In a country with such a high unemployment rate, I love coding and analyzing, I like seeing a problem and thinking of ways to solve it. Even though I don’t always find the solution I want,But I don’t give up.
Every time I write a code and encounter a problem that I don’t know how to solve I go on google, w3schools stack overflow, geeks and sometimes I don’t know how to implement what I found on my projects because I’m still learning somethings, Then I loose interest...and those negative words comes to mind “programming is not for women” “maybe you should just do something else” ...when I apply for jobs and don’t even get a response...thinking maybe I’m not good enough... I should find something else.

But subconsciously even my mind and heart knows how bad I want this, even though I see only reason for me to give up on this journey, somehow I still find a myself opening my machine and trying again.
Code and code, learn and keep learning, code more and code more. I can see the growth in my code, I clap for myself. When my code can do what I want it to do I smile and say “you did it gal, now on to the next one”.
Maybe hope is what’s keeping me motivated. And hearing all the stories of all of you self taught developers! Knowing I'm part of something big and great! And I always tell myself there will always be someone who knows more than you..learn from them!
Keep learning and keep coding till you get what you want!

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