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The syntax highlighting was a huge issue and something my readers would get upset with. I would post images of code and end up linking to repos or gists because I wanted to show the code, but I wanted it to not just look like a wall of code.

But what upset me the most about Medium is the enormous drop in engagement. Even with editor curation on certain posts (I have 3 that got picked up via the "programming" tag), I'm seeing significantly less views, reads, and comments. The whole promise of curated posts was around getting your content in front of Medium's audience. Had they not picked up those posts, I feel I would have had more engagement because my audience of developers doesn't appear to be Medium members. Maybe at most they are Medium users, but they don't seem to be paying for access to content.

Medium seems great if you want to write some shock-and-awe viral opinion piece for a mainstream audience, but you are totally right in saying its not part of the developer ecosystem.

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