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Having a Passion of Coding is Important As a Developer ?

Yeah, i honestly believe the passion of coding is very crucial thing as a successful programmer. but this is not the only thing which can makes you a successful developer. for understanding of passion and job we have to discuss about various facts and human behaviour of that person, As a great developer of this land, me myself Mitul Patel (The broken developer) wants to share something on this topic.

First of all, if your stomach is empty, then there is nothing difference between your passion or job or slavery, you have to do it for your stomach, you have to do it for your family,if you are on this category then i don't want to demotivate you for comparing you passion and job. you can fill free to read it or skip it, it's up to you.


What is passion ?

Going Miami Florida with my ass-hole friends, having a great week with my loved once in a Queensland Australia, Enjoying a child beers in a Havana ... Yes you guessed it right, Travelling could be my passion.

Playing a kabaddi, cricket or maybe football and be the popular sports men is the society or maybe popular men by doing gym and showing 6-Abs to your classroom and be the popular between girls/boys ...Yeah maybe that could be your passion.

do you know anyone which have a passion of doing kick-ass coding for their Ass-hole clients ? and masturbate in front of their keyboard everyday ?

Me my self as a great human being, i believe the passion is something like you can do it without any pressure and load, A passion is something that you can do it even without getting paid, like singing, travelling, Love (by the way love have some pressure and load but here i mean unconditional love) etc..

can you like to do a code for someone without any intention ?

Misconceptions about passion

Yes there are a people around here, they said to me that " I don't want to code for free but whenever i code and solves the problems or getting appreciation from my boss then i feel good by hearty and motivated to solve other problems, that's it, my passion is coding " and of course i'm agree with their concern. when we solve the problems at that time some hormones like dopamine relese in our body that makes you feel happy for some temporary time. it's exactly like having masturbate, you can feel better at some point of time, but that not means you do that everyday and hole life, if you do that then you knows the results my dear friend. so don't pretend like this is your passion , that's disgusting.

Do you feel burden about coding ?

If you are not feeling well doing the coding then there is nothing wrong with you, you are absolutely fine, because not everyone made for coding and problem solving. If you are thinking IT WORLD is all about programming and building software then you are wrong my dear friend, there are plenty of Job available as a business development, content writer and many more.

Let me give you a examples , one of my friend who was good at All IT subject and get achieved high rank also, but she decided to work as a Business development manager, one of mine other friend who count down to the IT industries and started making the films and dramas, there are famous moves like Baloooon & some drams he worked on, so here my point is if you won't feel good then quit immediately and do something your heart excited for.

Want to build great products ?

Let's assume my team is working on a great product like Tinder For Aliens. and our team members( As a programmer ) are The Elon Musk, The Mark Zuckerberg and me my self Mitul Patel (The Broken Developer), for an instance we all are the greatest mindset, but what happen if mark does not working with passionately? What happen when Elon wants to do for date with his 3rd wife instead of product building ? is our product made successfully ? is Aliens meets their soulmate ? No friends there is nothing happen like this if have this kind of team, for building the great product we don't want actually a great coder but we actually want a great Solution architect who loves code as her wife/Gf love his money.


As i said if you are not excited for building the great products then you are doing coding for you salary, Not for your kick-ass attitude, so forgot about passion and build Attitude like The Broken Developer.

## Footnote

At last i want to say that, YOUR PASSION DOES NOT SATISFY YOUR HUNGER, and Your boss's appreciation does not bought you a LAMBORGHINI

- The Broken Developer

If you have any query regarding your passion, job or career then let me know in the comment box down below or message me at instagram, i would love to hear you. please send me a feedback through contact page. Love You All ❤️

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