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Off thread markdown rendering with Comlink



remark in web worker with comlink(

yarn add remark remark-html comlinkjs

(I use parcel-bundler to build)

Worker Side


import remark from "remark";
import html from "remark-html";
import * as Comlink from 'comlinkjs'

const processor = remark().use(html)

class MarkdownCompiler {
  compile(raw) {
    return processor.processSync(raw).toString();

Comlink.expose(MarkdownCompiler, self);

Main Thread


import * as Comlink from 'comlinkjs'

const MarkdownCompiler = Comlink.proxy(new Worker("./worker.js"));

const main = async () => {
  const compiler = await new MarkdownCompiler();
  const result = await compiler.compile('**your markdown here**');

Comlink hides postMessage to make worker easy

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