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Discussion on: Flutter : A new Boom or Flop Hype?

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Martin Jablečník

It's because companies didn't discover the Flutter yet or they already have android/iOS developers which have a lot of experiences with native mobile development and Flutter in the stable version is only 2 years. So now must come new software companies which will start use the Flutter and it take some time..
But in my country (Czech republic) I see that software companies now start searching Flutter developers for their new projects. And every new month I see some new job position for Flutter. So after maybe 5 year will be situation also different because you compare React which had initial release 7 years ago with Flutter which had initial release only 2 years ago.. :)

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avinashchandan12 Author • Edited on

yeah, adoption rate of flutter is faster than any other framework.. Hope companies in India make this shift soon :)