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Rescue server-side development in Dart (part 2)

In prevous article I described a problem with server-side development in Dart and what problems can have some OpenSource projects.

I thought about this and found one solution.
My great inspiration is Godot Game Engine which I watch from their first OpenSource steps and now have over 1500 financial contributors at Patreon.

I want to try something similar and create project where I will be develop and maintain libraries for Server-side development in Dart.

I calculated that when only 300 people contribute 10 USD every month, it can pay one fulltime developer position. 10 USD is not so much money I think. Do you agree? And Dart community is sufficiently large where 300 people we can find.

But I don't know if folks from Dart community really want to have this project and are wiiling to some financial support or not.

So I created simple Google Form for check if people are willing to support me.

I believe that Dart community is sufficienly big and can support any interesting project. When folks join together their resources we can create something awesome and maybe open some other fulltime positions for better and faster development.

I calculate that successful OpenSource project should have minimal 3 people for fulltime which can create:

Great documentation
Stable code
Good tests
Pretty web page presentation, examples and tutorials
Quality support on various chat/forum platforms

And start creating the community around this project.

The framework which I would like to create and maintain for a long time should contain support for:


  • Build fullstack web apps (with SSR)
  • Develop REST APIs
  • Websockets
  • Tests

Main modules:

  • Data access for SQL and noSQL databases
  • Caching for Redis
  • Logging
  • Open API/Swagger database generation
  • Auth and Security

Other modules:

  • Database ORM
  • ElasticSearch
  • Messagers (RabbitMQ, NATS, Kafka)
  • GraphQL, gRPC

But of cource my contributors can give me their opinions and set a course of the project.

What do you thing about it?
Create comment, give me like and share this article if it is interesting for you.

Please don't forget to fill my short survey form where I want to gain information if Dart community is interested in about some nice fully maintained server-side framework and is willing to financial contributions.

If I find enough people for support it then I will create project page, buy servers and domains, setup Patreon or some alternative for send donations and create or fork some existing project for continual development.

If you are interested in the results of my survey follow me here due to next article which I will create in the future.

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regex for lazy devs

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