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Discussion on: What if was written in Go language?

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MN Mark

Comparing Go to Ruby and specifically Ruby on Rails: I would expect Go to be faster to build, easier to deploy, provide faster response times, and use less memory. It's possible that the stack could be simplified due to less need for multiple levels of caching.

However, talk of benefits is pointless without talk of costs. While I think Go could potentially make the overall stack simpler, it would likely require more complexity in the core application. The speed improvements come at a cost of Go being more verbose than Ruby which can reduce developer productivity and increase the number of bugs.

In my experience, simpler languages tend to require more complex code than more complex languages. The trade off is where to put the complexity: in your app or hidden away in the language (or framework). With this complexity also goes control; by hiding the complexity you are giving up some control.

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gingerstrong Author • Edited on

Someone recently open source and share in Reddit discussion, this might be useful reference on the project structure that use no web framework.