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Discussion on: How to convince yourself that you are worthy to be a programmer (my IT career)

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Judy Cha

Your first English blog? Your English is flawless!

This is a really inspiring story, Mary. I'm glad you didn't give up on coding! It also made me a little sad when you said that HTML & CSS isn't really programming, I hope you don't feel that way anymore.

I have a similar story as well - I graduated from a bootcamp and applied as a junior fullstack dev for a company. I've been with them for 3.5 years now, and it's been really amazing. I've had similar struggles as you, wanting to expand my skills and knowledge, but not always being given opportunities to do so.

My biggest lesson was that, if I want to learn something, I should just do it. Don't wait, don't ask for someone's opinion. And I'm glad you did the same for Javascript, and that it paid off!! I hope you never stop learning and expanding your skills :)

Please keep writing Mary, and give us updates!

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Mary Author

Thank you! I will!