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re: This flies in the face of agile and self organization. Look, PM is important. Heck, I was a PM for most of my career, either as an addition to my ...

Interesting, how would you define "a properly agile organization"?


That is a huge question. I recommend reading This article by Ron Jeffries.

It looks like your article is grounded in a contractor mindset. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Not only is the work required is being estimated before it begins (not agile) but you are also burdened with delivering on-time and on-budget according to someone else's estimates.
The call for a collaboration tool because each person is focused on his task is also telling of a lack of cross-functional team structure with co-location leading to a natural collaboration.

I'm not saying this to take anything from what you said. For any business that provides contractual work it is a good glimpse into how things usually work.
People who read it outside of the industry though, might take it at face value.
The article I provided shows that it does not HAVE to be that way.

We have enough problems with management dead set in their ways. Let's not ruin the new generation of developers. ;)

Thanks for sharing your insights. You are right, I've always worked as a freelancer or a contractor with a very small team of developers. Agile development process seems to benefit everyone including client, project manager and developers.

Not finance though. It's hard for them to see unscoped and time limited work as viable.

Even though they do it with every new hire. 😉

You know what! I really need to get into this. I wish I could be part of a developer team with agile software development process right now to get more experience in this regard. Are you aware of any open source community with the same methodology?

Let me get back to you about this. It's a bit complicated for an immediate reply.

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