re: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - GitHub Is Restricting Access For Users From Iran And A Few Other Embargoed Countries VIEW POST

re: My pleasure. About the trending list, it's not only that. I think that the algorithm for the trending repos has been changed, without any update fr...

I appreciate the support. BTW, it's not based on where you live, it's been confirmed that it's soely based on your nationality.

And how do they determine your nationality!?
(I don't think I've stated mine.)

"It's been confirmed that it's soely based on your nationality."

Mohammadjavad, that's quite an accusation against Microsoft and GitHub. Do you have a source?

Edit: I see a comment below about someone's tweet, where they claim GitHub is using the entire history of where a user has connected from in the past to determine restrictions. That seems stupid...

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