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re: The point is that development isn't agile Vs waterfall. It is about choosing the correct tool for the job. Waterfall works well when requiremen...

I don't think you'd pick Agile to write a complex accountancy package. If it were done in Agile, it would be like:

User: "OK, we'll need to post to the office ledger, so code for that."
User, later: "Right, so now we need to take care of the nominal ledders"
Developer: "So there's more than one type of ledger?"

Funnily enough that's actually what I do and have been doing successful via some form of Agile for 15 years now, seems to work fine.

I'd be interested in discussing that further, particularly how large-scale, multi-release features are planned in, using the example of multiple types of ledgers, perhaps. Thank you.

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