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Markus Zancolò
Markus Zancolò

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Hi, I'm Markus Zancolò, yes this is from the template ;)

Since you provide this nice template i thought i give it a try. I am a mathematical computerscientist, father and the nerdy guy from the neighbourhood who likes to fix stuff. I have been coding for... i dont know, 16 years ? Professionally for 8 years now.

You can find me on Twitter as @mkuegi, also on my blog (i promise to blog more in the future) or github (yes, i plan to publish more here too ;)

I live in Linz. Never heard of it? Austria? (The small one in Europe, not the big one down under) there you go :D

I work for Roomle. Never heard of it? check it out

I mostly program in these languages: C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift and a bit of JS now and then.

Nice to meet you.
And for all the rest: just drop me a line.

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