Release 2.0 PR 3

mljbrackett profile image Michael Brackett ・2 min read

For this pr I found a pretty cool tool that squashs a bunch of json files into 1 json file. I thought it would be cool to work on since in our lab we are learning about rebasing and squashing. Now you may think, "The squash and rebase tool has nothing to do with merging json files", and you'd be 100% correct and their is no connection other then the name...

Nevertheless, the issue that I worked on was: https://github.com/Blank1611/jsonmergeutils/issues/1

I thought it was going to be a fairly good issue to work on seeing that I have previously implemented an argument parser in my link-check project. And while the code was fairly easy to implement I ran across something that was very important during this issue...

It was a linter, something that goes through your code and makes sure it has the same programming style as the owner set it as. I've never encountered a linter previously and while it is a little annoying to see my builds fail because I have a space after a function definition, I can see that it is incredibly useful.

Another thing about this pull request is I actually got my first suggestions to fix with my pull request! This was very exciting and the owner of the repo had some incredibly ideas to implement that would clean up the code and make it a lot better. You can check out our conversation here: https://github.com/Blank1611/jsonmergeutils/pull/14

That's the beauty of open source programming, others can look at your code and ask for improvements. While some people may take this as a bad thing, the reason why they ask for better is 1. They obviously want the code to be better, and 2. It gives you the opportunity to learn even more. It was surprisingly fun to implement the suggestions that were made.


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