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Best tools for web design?


What do you think about what tools are the best for building beautiful web designs / a great user experience?

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Pete Steven

As a web designer it's very helpful to learn a bit of html/css too. This will give an idea of what the web stack is, even though it's extremely different than your design stack.

You also don't have to write html/css by hand. There are visual nocode tools like Desech Studio where you can create the code visually. You can also import your figma, adobexd, sketch design file into Desech Studio for a faster start.

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Tiago Ribeiro

Well, you could use Figma to prototype it

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Ben Halpern

Our designers love figma

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Felipe Lôbo

To tell you the true Adobe Xd and Figma are pretty much the same thing. They both are really good.

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Miikka Saxlund

Adobe XD does the job for me. I would use Sketch if I had Mac though..