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We are looking for contributors at Appsmith.

Appsmith is the only open source low alternative to low-code builders like PowerApps, Salesforce Lightning Platform etc. It's the quickest way to build customizable admin panels & dashboards by connecting to custom APIs or databases.

Frontend Stack: JS/React

Backend Stack: Java

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A low code way to build dashboards, workflows, forms, and any internal tool.

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A low code way to build internal tools.

The only open source alternative to MSFT Power Apps, Salesforce Lightning platform, Service Now platform, Quickbase, Retool, Forest Admin, and many more.

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Built with empathy, not just ❤︎

Appsmith is a fast, easy, and secure way to build any custom internal tools. Here's how you build something:

  1. Create a page using pre-built UI components like table, charts, map viewers and forms.
  2. Connect the UI components to any REST API or databases like MySQL, Postgres, and MongoDB. Write any logic in JS.
  3. Deploy the interal tool to a custom URL and invite users to sign in with their Google acounts.

Do all this without depending on multiple UI libraries, coding authentication logic or writing any DB or API integrations. See the looped gif below to see how something gets built on Appsmith. It might remind you of Visual Basic.

UI Builder Demo

Demo Video

In the lead up to Hacktoberfest, we are also running a bug bounty program "Above Beyond". Check out the the details 👇


Appsmith lookS awesome! I will help you


Any bugs on backend for newbies?


Hey @l222p , thanks for your interest in Appsmith!

Yes, there's quite a few issues that new contributors can tackle on the backend as well. Can you give me a few days to file & tag them in the repository?

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