Discussion on: Git security mistakes; addressing tech debt; & writing fast code in Ruby on Rails

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Arpit Mohan Author

While I agree with some of the inefficiencies caused by ORMs like ActiveRecord, I think they have a place in this world. Most ORMs get a bad rap from people misusing them (because it's so easy to use) and not bothering to understand the underlying queries being made by the ORM.

Although, executing raw queries is great because you have a lot of control, you would lose out on syntactical sugar and ease of programming. It's a trade-off but I'd still use an ORM and try to optimize it's usage unless I need to eke out a LOT of performance from the webapp.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

True, except I wrote my own gem called monster-queries which gives you syntactical sugar and ease of programming for writing raw queries. 😉