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Discussion on: GitHub Action, Cypress and Percy parallelisation setup

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Hey Aurore, thanks for the great article. We have the exact same setup:

  • Parallelised Cypress tests
  • Percy for visual tests
  • Github Actions But the problem is that it seems not all Percy snapshots are taken. I've passed the exact same PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL and PERCY_PARALLEL_NONCE but to n oavail.

Might have you any guesses what the issue could be? I'm wondering if you've encountered the same issue in the past.

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Aurore Trunelle Author

Hey Mohsen! Thank you! The only thing that comes to mind, is that PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL number you entered doesn't match how many servers or containers you are using. I just fixed a mistake in the article, where it didn't match either.
If your matrix contains 6 containers, PERCY_PARALLEL_TOTAL should be 6.

I can't think of any else. Have you contacted Percy? I find they are very helpful.